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Please arrive for class ten minutes early, so you are not rushed and can prepare for class quietly. Doors lock as soon as class begins. Being late is disruptive to the class and means you are missing out on the valuable time to sit and find stillness before the active part of the class begins.

Turn your cell phone off before entering the studio.

Avoid eating less than two hours before class.

Do not wear any strong perfumes or deodorants,

Drink water throughout the day before class so you are well hydrated. Unless you have had a physically strenuous time coming to class there is usually not much need to drink during class, it cools the body down too much and during our practice we are trying to raise a subtle heat.

For hygiene reasons we suggest you bring your own yoga mat. We have mats at the studio that can be used if you need.

We provide all other props that may be needed for your practice, such as bolsters, blankets, blocks and straps.

Wear comfortable clothes that do not restrict your movement, and nothing too revealing. Shorts are fine, so long as they fit well.

Yoga is practiced in bare feet. 

Your body temperature may shift during practice, so dress in layers. Have something warm to put on for relaxation at the end of the class.

Be respectful of others, some people like to come to class early to sit and meditate, as much as possible keep voices low in the studio. Yoga class can be a great place to meet people, but it is also a place to be still with yourself. 

If you have any concerns, or issues that your teacher should know about, please speak to him or her before the class begins. This includes, but is not limited to, any physical limitations, whether it be recent surgery, chronic physical issues, or mental/emotional issues. Anything that may affect your practice should be discussed with your teacher. During practice long dormant ailments may also arise. Your teacher may not always have an answer or a solution to your concerns, we are not therapists, but we may be able to support you more effectively if you open a dialogue with us.

Women, if you are menstruating, please see if you can come to class on an alternate day if it is the first day of your period. The body needs rest. Should you have no option and feel you want to come to class, practice gently and be nurturing to yourself.

Alix Rodrigues ball rolling

Alix Rodrigues ball rolling

What our students say:

     "What I love about Green Room Yoga is that no one seems to be afraid to laugh or smile during their practice. 
     That's not to say the instructors don't guide and focus and nudge (when necessary). But they do so gently, with a sense of play. In other words, they take their practice seriously, but they don't take themselves seriously. 
     These are the yogis I'm happy to see in the world (not to mention my neighbourhood). Like my feet on the sweaty mat, they keep me grounded while reaching for the sky."
Geoff D.

     "After beginning my yoga practice years ago in India, I have been spending time in various studios with teachers here in Vancouver, but without much enthusiasm. Enthusiasm for my practice, yes, but somehow I hadn't found what I needed in a teacher until I began to practice with Alix.
     She is serious about yoga, and with her deep understanding of anatomy, she teaches in a way that connects us to our bodies in both studied and intuitive ways.
     Her classes are challenging, creative and subtle. And I love her manner - straightforward, no nonsense, yet at the same time so warm and generous. Being with her in the studio is very much like being with her in the kitchen. 
     Time in the Green Room is nourishment for the soul."

Kirby H.