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Holidays classes over the Long Weekends are NO CLASSES on Saturday at 8.15 am or Sunday at 7 pm and a combined class on Monday at 7 pm.

Welcome to GRY!

Cruise on through our site to find out more about us, and our great little gem of a studio in East Vancouver.

What our students say:

   "I stumbled across Green Room Yoga in 2009 and started yoga with Meghan, who convinced me of yoga - hook, line and sinker - with her gentle, introspective, supportive guidance. Throughout the years, I added the practices of Alix, Delia and Jennifer into my schedule, all of whom are incredibly insightful about the dynamics of our bodies and minds.
    However, the largest impact of Green Room Yoga came in the spring of 2012, when I sustained an injury that has left me stranded medically and with crippling persistent pain. Alix took me under her wing like the damaged little bird I was and nurtured my broken spirit back to health - one breath at a time. Thank you, Alix!"

Petra M

     "The things about Green Room Yoga that stand out are a lack of attitude, a welcoming non judgemental environment and extraordinary teachers.
     The smallest movement in correct alignment can be exhilarating and exhausting, even if only repeated a few times." 
Gwendolyn R. 

What our teachers have to say about their experience of teaching at GRY.
From Jennifer Clarke:

Jennifer Clarke. Photo by Heidi Zutter

Jennifer Clarke. Photo by Heidi Zutter

     "I love teaching at Green Room Yoga for a few different reasons. The classes are small usually 8-10 students so I have gotten to know the students very well and can support them in their individual needs as I see them regularly and can observe their growth.  Green Room has a wide variety of props that I have not seen at any other studio. Green Room has a committed, non-competitive atmosphere, and I have grown as a teacher since I've been teaching here."

From Delia Brett:

     "It is a great joy and privilege to teach at Green Room Yoga. The pre-registration structure allows the students to ease themselves into their practice, developing at a safe and progressive rate. The informal atmosphere means students and teachers are comfortable to be themselves and can bring their individual style and personality to the practice. This makes my job of teaching at Green Room easeful and uplifting. 
I have found over the 6 years I have been teaching at Green Room Yoga that the sense of community amongst the students has grown deeper and more genuine. The strength of our practice together means that we are better able to embrace newcomers to the studio and to yoga. 
     Watching students grow stronger and healthier, braver and more loving through yoga has inspired radical changes in my personal practice, has helped me become more confident and clear in my teaching, and has essentially benefited every aspect of my life." 

Jennifer Clarke in Urdhva Dhanurasana. Photo by Heidi Zutter

Jennifer Clarke in Urdhva Dhanurasana. Photo by Heidi Zutter