Green Room Yoga has some of the best teachers in the city teaching out of our intimate studio in the Hastings Sunrise neighbourhood, and it's a great part of East Vancouver. Join us for the current session at any time.

Across the city we are known for the care and skill of our teachers, and their ability to meet you where YOU are, and support you on your journey of healing and growth.

Green Room Yoga has been a part of your neighbourhood since 2004
We have a dedicated group of teachers that are outstanding, not just in their commitment to your growth but in their commitment to their own growth and practice.

At Green Room Yoga we invite you to explore and engage in your practice on a whole new level. With commitment, dedication and enthusiasm.
We keep our classes at less than 12 students to allow a maximum amount of attention to each individual. It lets you move more deeply into your practice, knowing you will be safely supported on your journey. This also means that if you have been dealing with ongoing physical issues, such as chronic knee, back or neck problems, because of the small class size your teacher will be able to give you the time and attention needed to support you. It also gives you the chance to build a relationship with your teacher, and to get to know your fellow students and build a rapport with them. We believe that this is the path to growth, to change, to a real development of a personal practice.

So take a journey through our website and check out our Teachers. Look under Schedules to find more info on the classes that we offer.