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Holidays classes over the Long Weekends are NO CLASSES on Saturday at 8.15 am or Sunday at 7 pm and a combined class on Monday at 7 pm.

Below is the schedule for our classes. 
There may sometimes be a sub for your class, I do the best to find a teacher that is well suited for the class, enjoy!

Here is the schedule. Download this one here.

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Drop in for NON-REGISTERED students is only allowed to classes in PURPLE/BLUE!

* Classes with an asterix are appropriate for pregnant women up to their 24th week. After this time attendance in class is at the teachers discretion. 

Make-up classes for registered students are permitted at ANY CLASS! This means if you miss a class you find a time on the schedule that works for you and come to class. It does not have to be in the same week of the class that you missed.

Our classes are all Hatha Based, which means that they are all a physical form of yoga. Each class incorporates some meditation, Pranayama – breath work, movement with breath and a series of Asana (postures). Hatha Flow brings more challenge to the practice adding more variations to the postures. Hatha Flow moves at a slightly faster, more flowing pace than the Hatha class. There is still a great deal of time spent focusing on alignment along with awareness to breath.

Core Fundamentals is a hatha yoga class designed with special emphasis on accessing and developing deep core strength to help you move safely through yoga class and through your everyday life.  In this class we explore the body’s potential for stability, mobility, fluidity and co-ordination, and we gain insight into how to create support for our structures from within.  We work with very specific muscles sometimes, and other times you will be encouraged to find your own curiosity around movement.  The goal of the class is to leave you feeling relaxed, balanced and inspired. 

Gentle Yoga is well suited to those who may be beginners to yoga, or are a little older, or have physical issues, and want a gentle class with a few challenging (optional and modifiable) poses added in. It’s a great way to end a busy day, to recharge and clear your mind in a way that will give you energy and leave you feeling refreshed.

Pilates/Yoga: Length and strength. Calm and strong. This class is a bend of movements used to help pre-habilitate your body for movement. Using Pilates, functional movement, FRC (Functional Range Conditioning) to create a better balance in body between strength and ease. Mobility (strength & flexibility working together) is the name of the game. Teaching our mind, joints, nervous system and everything in between how to take in new information and integrate it into our mind and tissue. 

Restorative Yoga/Pilates: How do we manage stress and anxiety? We slow down, we tell our nervous system it is ok and we give space for recuperation to happen. We breathe, and we pay attention to our breath. In this class we move between gentle self massage to release and relax tissue, slow and intentional joint movement and prop supported gentle postures to allow our minds, tissues and nervous system to rest and recover. 

Strengthen and Stabilise is a class for people that find that though they practice and practice they are still struggling with back pain, knee issues etc. In this class you will learn how to work slowly and with integrity while building strength so you can find more ease in balancing postures, so you can find more ease in life!

Therapeutic Yoga with Christina. In this therapeutic class, we will focus on relaxing the body and mind through breath awareness, gentle movement and some restorative postures. Class will include practices that enable you to improve flexibility and build strength in order to find more functional movement and patterning in your body. You will also have an opportunity to experience deep rest in supported poses.

Pre-Natal Students are welcome to come to all classes marked with an asterix up to 24 weeks. If you are new to Yoga, let your teacher know. 



Christina Niven

Christina Niven

From Christina Niven:

"I love to teach at Green Room Yoga because Alix (the owner) and the community of students who attend are down-to-earth, warm and genuine. There is no pretence and no “fashion yoga” as I like to say.
     It is so enjoyable for me to share what I know with those who are interested in learning and in sharing together. I appreciate the dedication of the people who attend and the supportive environment fostered by all. Green Room Yoga is a precious little gem with a great deal of depth and a whole lot of heart."