I am offering a Pranayama, Mudra and Mantra workshop on the 30th of March. 
This work is so important to me, and is a really special part of my own home practice. It is something that i find quite challenging to really dive in and teach in our regular classes as there just isn't enough time to do so! Establishing a regular Pranayama (breath awareness) practice is crucial if we are saying that we do "yoga". it is one of the branches of a yoga practice. And, for me taking the time to connect to breath then really allows our Hatha Yoga practice to blossom, as well as our Meditation practice. They go hand in hand. And speaking of hands, using Mudra (hand gestures) is an excellent way to prepare for any kind of Mindfulness practice. Throw is some Mantra (sound) and there's a great practice, right there. Please come join me. Sunday March 30th from 2 - 5 pm. $45.