Are minimalist running shoes safe?

There is a great big run on your money when it comes to outfitting people for running shoes. We are told to get support, wear orthotics to help extend the life of running shoes. All kinds of stuff. Dr Nick has been researching this area for ages, and advocates Minimalist running shoes, and he makes a pretty good argument for it. He unfortunately doesn't give any good advice for how to strengthen the muscles he talks about here that can be weak and can lead to some of our foot problems.  But hey, that's what the internet is for. Just google it.

Some of you may have been following the big hoopla about the minimalist shoe company Vibrams being sued. Yes, No? I think their shoes are great. (I don't wear them but I do wear minimalist shoes.) But hey don't be a fool, if you have been wearing very supportive shoes most if not ALL of your life and you then go and get a pair of Vibrams, put them on and start running all the time in them, THERE WILL BE CONSEQUENCES. You cannot then turn around and blame the shoes, yes, you wore them you got hurt, maybe you needed to ease into it. Again, there's tons of info on the net about how to do that.
Here is more info on how to connect with ground and what shoes to wear.