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i really like what Tyler Ward says here. and it makes me grateful to have yoga in my life. it's the stuff that helps to bring balance to all the other "stuff", paying teachers, answering emails, etc, all important, and necessary things to do in order to run a business, but also part of what can become that "busyness" in life. Making space for yoga allows me to do most other things with a bit more ease.

Becoming less busy isn’t primarily about slowing down or working less, nor is it some self-indulgent ambition.

Becoming less busy is simply about your career not being the only work you have time to do. It’s about being free to do other work, like family, friendship, & self development, as well.

Becoming less busy is about defining success on your own terms and designing a lifestyle that you believe in deeply - no matter how fast or slow it may be.

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more on squatting

many of you know how "passionate" (read obsessed) about squatting. What is amazing is how much more info we are seeing from people about squatting. I am so overjoyed when I am able to see the benefits on my students that have begun to have a regular squatting practice.

and here's the squat guru himself teaching you some special variations to help you be in your squat. remember, smiling helps. it does. try it, right now. squat, smile, rinse, repeat.

and there's a song all about squatting. squat with some inspiration people. oh yeah, just squat. yeah, yeah, yeah yeah.

Breathing, crawling etc

Here's a great article on breathing that can then lead you to some other resources on breathing, as well as on movement. As a society we now sit more than we do anything else. More than sleeping, moving, rolling, playing. You know this isn't healthy right?? You know that getting back down on the ground and moving around down there will serve your body well. So, get down and do it. Practice crawling again, do those knees hurt? Ouch, I know mine don't like crawling at all. I never actually crawled, so when I had a child and she was following along in my footsteps (:-) and being a bum scooter, I lovingly touched her foot and encouraged a roll of that foot and fed her body over onto all fours and she was off and away crawling. Yeah for it being easy with her, and for the fact that she could develop that crawling activity that can hopefully serve her well years down the road!

also for other great squatting support. Ido Portal can inspire you here: